Good tattoo idea or no?

*if you dont like tattoos please click away, I already have many tattoos so clearly i don't share your feelings*

there's a line from a song (Elizabeth & The Catapult - More Than Enough) that says

"Once in a while i relax in my seat, I forget what is missing, I kiss fear on the cheek"

I think that says so much about life and being fearless and strong but in a cute playful "smartass-y" way, like instead of cowering in fear you just look it in the face, give it pity kiss and carry on.

for the tattoo I'd only get "I kiss fear on the cheek" but yeah, what do you think?


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  • Sounds pretty cool, where are you thinking of getting it?
    I want to get the Dante's Inferno cross on my forearm and maybe Krieger in runes on my collar bone. (Krieger means "warrior" in German)

    • ooh I like the collar bone idea! crosses have the possibility of looking gaudy so if you do that make sure they design it well.

      I was thinking of getting it on my forearm going towards my wrist in a script type of font

    • Sounds cool, I think you should do it!

    • Thanks!!

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  • Great idea! Maybe in cursive and fancy style.

    I kiss fear
    On the cheek

    Yeah seems cool do it!

    Maybe in black ink and some hearts or a bold red lipstick mark


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  • Kind of cool. My daughter wants to get "God, guide my steps" in latin, on her ankle.

    • I'm not religious, but it seems like a cool idea. She should get it

  • Sounds kinda cute, I like it 😌


What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds kinda cool.

  • If you like it then go for it, who cares what others think...

    • just like input, i'm a curious person