Can you get a tattoo re-done or fixed so that it looks more realistic?

Got a fairly large lower back tattoo last August and wasn't completely happy with how it looked. I'm planning on going to this other place that is really well known for its awesome, high quality tattoos in the hopes that I can get it to look more realistic and to fix the lines on it. My tattoo is black and grey. Is this possible? Also, if its a really good tattoo artist will he make it better rather than worse? Thanks.


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  • Getting themredone is good but not all artists can pull it off so make sure to ask him to show you his cover ups portfolio and that way you will be sure that he is good... look at them very closely and see if there is any odd lines on them or imperfection

    • Well I'm not really talking about a cover up, I want the same tattoo but I just want my tattoo done so its more realistic cuz it didn't quite come out as I wanted. Is this possible? I got it a year ago and this one place that has REALLY good artists says none of the artists felt comfortable doing mine cuz they say working on top of the tattoo would make it blur... how does this make any sense?

    • Wellthey are the experts I only offered a suggestion

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  • getting it redone is quite common.

    • Really? How effective is it? Like mine has a lot of dark grays and black, how do you know how well it will work? (Yes I've asked the tattoo shop i want to get it done at but i guess their busy cuz they haven't responded yet)

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