My hair won't take dye. Is it worth going to the salon?

In (early) July, I tried to dye my hair at home with a boxed kit. It was my first time and it didn't work. My sister used the same brand (Dark and Lovely) without bleach and it has always worked for her. I followed the instructions but was disappointed with the results. I'm debating on wether or not I should go to a salon to get it professionally done or would it just be a waste of time. Is it possible that my hair just won't color?

It was a permanent dye and the only chemical treatments I've used previously was a relaxer about seven months ago.


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  • When you are messing with your hair always leave it to the professionals. I have a list of hair horror stories and paying the extra 50$ is completely worth it. And when you need to touch up it is cheap and done correctly.


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