Has anyone noticed this about young women?

This isn't to be judgmental, but whenever a woman my age is pear shaped (built heavier on bottom), we cover our bottoms up and try to hide our figure. However, I see many young ladies in their 20's who wear white pants, short shorts, spandex/yoga pants, which make your butt/hips/thighs look even bigger than what they are. It might be because girls in my dad didn't want a big butt and curves weren't "in."


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  • Honestly, most pear shaped women, even in my age group, unfortunately try to hide their curves. I will say I see them wearing yoga pants/spandex all the time in the Winter but that's the only exception.

    I think you answered your own question: It's because big butts are far more desired these days than 20/30 years ago.


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  • It happens because it's in fashion nowadays.
    Iggy, Nicky, JLo, ... It just is.

  • Some people will wear whatever they like to wear rather than what looks best on them, so I guess they don't care. Though I would prefer sometimes to not have to see this 350lb woman's fat oozing from her tight, bright orange and yellow beach dress... looks horrible but I just tell myself not to look lol

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