Is it weird that I get angry at my mom for decorating the house so ugly?

Like I can't even sit on the kitchen table and eat like a normal person because there are pencils and papers all over the table. She just stuff in a hell lot of things in one room and it looks like a mess, she just put in green flowery curtains that did not match at all, it looks like a child tried to do something. I'm so pissed? Why can't I live in a normal house, I can't even have dinner on a freaking table, I eat on the floor. She even used to steal things from the trash before. I've told her and she just gets mad saying that I never come up with something positive well excuse me because I would like to eat around a table and not have stuff around me 24/7. It's a mess, it's embarrassing.


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  • I can understand it being embarrassing but you shouldn't get mad. Be grateful you have a free place to live. I had a hard time finding places to live when I was a child. I lived in rich homes and poor ones. The last house, dirty and poor, was the best because I had a new family rich in heart. Get over yourself and if it pisses you off how your MOMS house looks, try getting your own.


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  • When you get your own place you can decorate it however you see fit.

    My parents are hoarders.

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