Guys - what do you think of a girl's makeup!?

How much makeup do you like a girl to wear?

I personally don't wear any foundation because my skin is pretty flawless, but do you guys like us to wear it anyway? I also usually wear mascara and eyeliner :) but then I never wear too much so that I look slutty or anything. Anyway I'm curious to know how much makeup a girl should wear, what you think looks good and generally do you even notice!?!?


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  • too much makeup is a HUGE turn off.

    it's disgusting and makes your face look fake.

    if you are wearing makeup to the point where a guy can say "she is wearing makeup" then you might be wearing too much. just try to use a little, but natural beauty is the best.

    (obviously mascara and eyeliner are gonna be pretty obvious, so no worries there)


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  • I don't mind some accentuating on the eyes, anything more then that is overkill in my opinion.


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