Is a regular push up bra and a Victoria sercet bra the same thing?

I want a push up bra so I don't feel saggy and flat my mom got me a regular push up bra and it feels the same as a regular bra and it don't even push up like that. I want a push up bra that squeeze my boobs together I don't like th space between it but my mom says that Victoria sercet bra cost a lot and she claims I have too much boobs but I wear a 36-38 c -.-


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  • A push up bra has padding on the bottom of the cup, a regular bra is the same thickness throughout the cup.
    Also it should say on the label

    • I want the Victoria bra because it shows more boobs

    • Go to aerie, the bras are way nicer looking, way cheaper, more comfortable, and they have lots of degrees of padding.

  • Go get fitted at VS?
    Yeah they're a bit pricey. 40-50$ a bra. But nice.