Drastic style change

I don't know if this fits more in style or flirting but here's the deal:

For the longest time, I didn't have a fashion sense. I just wore whatever clothes I had and I never went shopping, but recently I started to develop a taste and I decided I would pursue a pseudo-scene style of clothing to wear.

In addition, there is also a scene girl who I like and I thought that my change of style would help grab her attention as well as the attention of others though that wasn't at all the reason why I chose to pursue that style.

Now here's where it gets tricky. I haven't gotten any of my new clothes yet, though I seem to be making progress with this scene girl anyway and I think she's slightly interested in me. However, I obviously still want to pursue the scene style, but now I'm not so sure what to do. I'm afraid that a drastic style change could scare her off.

I basically see two major possible reactions from her:

Either she thinks "Wow, I was already interested in him, but now he's kinda hot, yum."

Or "Wow, I was interested, but I don't know why he changed all of a sudden like that, this is kinda wierd."

So, which of those outcomes seems more likely? Or is there another outcome altogether? Should I take a gradual change as opposed to the drastic one I had intended for? Or should I just want and see where this goes before changing styles? I just don't know what to think.

O crap. Mixed results. Just what I needed. X_x


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  • Start slowly, get some band tees, some cool sweatshirts, one or two pair of funky boots or sneakers, and wear skinny jeans maybe once a week. Wear things like studded belts. Then, start styling your hair in a scene way. If she's still interested, keep going. But if you're not comfortable, stop. You don't have to completely buy into the genre.

    Also, once you have some good pieces, try to wear one or two scene things per day, then slowly increase it. I'll bet the girl didn't turn scene overnight, so you shouldn't either.

    You should also notice what bands' merchandise she wears and listen to the same stuff. Ask her to a concert, and if she accepts, dress more scene than you usually would. Most people dress up more for a concert anyways. See how she reacts to you in the clothes, and try to get inspiration from others.

    But please, make sure you're going scene for yourself, not just for a girl. If she rejects you, think how silly you'll feel with a closet full of tight pants.

    Good luck!


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  • Ok here's the plan mate, big changes ALL AT ONCE will not scare her off.. It will make you come off more as fake... Fakes are by example those who go out and instead of buying just the shoes they get the entire outfit hanging on display with the shoes. I suggest gradual changes over time and get the chick to like you for who you are (not that appearance doesn't make a big shift in ANYTHING anymore..) When you make gradual change she won't think your fake, she wil think you are getting more into the scene. If you want to be actually scene go see if the shoe fits and show up at some venues with scene kids there! Also do NOT go into hot topic and ask for everything you can afford mister. Sorry I'm just rambling now T_T

  • If you are on talking terms, ask her what she'd think of you in that style. Ask her how you'd look. If you aren't on speaking terms, I would just go ahead and do it anyways; if that's what you wanna do, do it! It's your life, live it the way you want!

  • well...if you're cute enough to her she will be interested in you anyway,cloth and style helps a little but not that much.

    why don't you just talk to her?show her your feeling for her,clear the fog,maybe she likes you too but she's too shy to make a first move.

    good luck dude!

  • well I say you should change gradually. so it will still grab pplease attention. the girl will probly notice too and if you ask her how she likes it and she is a bad liar like me for example you'll find out if she really does like it or not. unless you are really ready for the change then just go for it. I don't think that style will really scare anyone away. I'd think it would attract her more

  • She'll probly be confused about your sudden change.

    • Dang, I thought I was leaning. in the other direction from the other answers. Why do you say that?

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