What do you really look for in a girl?

do you only look for appearance or their personality or both? do you like make up or don't really care? and what does a girl have to do to get a guys attention?


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  • I admit I'm attracted to girls you can take care of themselves. Ones that like to dress up and wearing alluring perfume but don't preserve their personality and try not to be someone they are not. I can see through that sh*t.

    As for makeup, do you think by wearing makeup will make a guy like you better? I don't think so. Just look it this way, makeup can make you look hotter but what happens when your man sees you in the morning after a night at the crib. He's gonna be like 'Who the hell is this?' Guys like real girls. The more natural you look the more he'll want to show you off to his guy friends.

    To get a guy's attention just don't be shy. Just say anything, really a guy will be flattered that you gave him the time of day just to say a comment or have a conversation! Just don't make him out to be your gay guy like friend. Don't talk about your problems with him, always make it fun for the both of you!


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  • personality> appearance (but you can't be attracted to one and not the other, it comes hand in hand)

    Makeup... Less is more. No one likes a cakeface.

    A girl should be herself and let That attract the right man for her. but you can always dress slutty or just expose a little something and grab every dudes attention haha For a girl, its pretty freaking simple. But if you're not the slut/attention whore type, just be you. I for one, hate fake people.

  • Someone who would be a good mother.

    • Sorry but this is a funny answer. allow me to LOL.

      LOL. but yeah mother qualities are great in a long term relationship.

    • This isn't a comedy answer!

    • That does sound right. but I'm only 17 and I don't think I'm ready for a long term relationship let alone being a mother. bu thanks.

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