Girls, any good make up products for pale people?

like what do you use and how much does it cost because i find you have to get expensive stuff if you want a match if you're pale


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  • Bobbi brown corrector - costs a lot - maybe 25 dollars...
    Illamasqua cream blushes - best ever - cost about the same I think.

    If you've got good skin and you only need to cover some blemishes or something - use the corrector you won't need a foundation.
    I used a foundation Oriflame - porcelain smoothie foundation - it's really sheer and lovely. Costs around 4 dollars on discount - great quality, low price.

    For everything else - you can buy whatever...

    The plus side of these two products I mentioned firstly they will last you literally 2-3 years, so no need to buy anything else for a loooong time. =)

  • i get this on a spiritual level because i used to spend a tonne on make p because if you're pale you have to get expensive brands but my friend took me to super drug and pointed out this brand that were mega cheap and i'm always a slut for good quality make up & i got this concealer that was really pale for literally a pound and its better tan the maybelline one i used to get and i also got this bronzer for like a couple pounds and i use it for my contour eyeshadow base I don't know a tonne of shit they also do a load of tinted concealers and really cute eyeshadows for cheap too ill put the link in thats a bomb ass concealer/ foundation sub really good eyeshadow kit & the one tha saved my life this is bomb af