Makeup Hot or not?

Ok so I saw a makeup question earlier this week and i just thought I would show u My take on this..

1. If you dont like makeup; Dont wear it. If you are a boy and you dont like makeup, go for a natural girl.

2. Stop criticizing art, and if this is our type of art just dont judge, it is what we love and do.

3. MAKEUP if done properly can actually become your best friend (girls and boys) even if its just to cover a pimple!

Just see this pics...
makeup Hot or not?
Makeup DONTS / makeup DO's

Learn what actually works for a face shape...

Hideous for you?

Gorgeous without; stunning with ;)


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  • I think make up looks good on a girl , i feel it should be the girls decision on whether
    she wants to wear make up or not wear any. it wouldn't be problem with me


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  • Minimal makeup looks nicer. Too make up makes them look like a funny clown.


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  • I always say that I like when girls have a little bit of makeup. She's the one who selects if or what makeup to wear. I got my own opinion just like everyone else but she gets to decide how to make herself look.

  • make up... not too much. Just a little is enough

  • Well in my humble opinion make up is as you said a form of art and i would love for my girl to wear make up but not excessively, just like art too much colors are distracting and i appreciate my girl for what she is, not what she can become.

  • What really matters it's your hapiness ; )

  • looks stupid

    • Whatever you say mr

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    • no... you dont get it. Funny how the only people who have said they think the makeup is stupid... you have downvoted.

      u are deluded

    • Uhm ok guy whatever you say...

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