How to catch his eye for good?

how do you get a guy friend that you have messed around with but you feel like it is turning into just friends to like you more! I work with most guys cause I am in the navy. so I am seen at my worst. but he still hangs with me and is cool. but he is into a girl back home his mom set him up with. I highlighted my hair blonder and I am not sure what else I can do to bring to catch his eye or should I continue to just be me? I am me anyways around him but I think I should act more girly again, what do I do?


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  • Navy = Mad props going out to you, it's chill to see another female in the military.

    Mention your interests - say "Your growing on me, how do you feel about that?"

    IF he mentions "her" - then back off and let him have some time. Get his name and number and follow up in the future.

    IF he is cool with it - give it a shot and ask him out (take a risk). Your in the navy, so that won't be a problem, I'm certain.

    He doesn't know your feelings for him; infact, he thinks your just "one of the guys" - if you start acting girly - he will catch onto it and probably be turned off by it. He likes you for you, which is why you're both friends; however, you need to make him FEEL the situation that you like him.

    Flirt with him / tackle him and play softly / etc - But be respectful - start the grounds that involve what you want in the relationship and try to cross that with what he wants. Don't be clingy or needy ;-P

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