What kind of clothes do you ladies like on a guy?

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  • for one thing no flip flops if your feet are hairy seriously.

    where baggy pants but not to baggy where you have to pull them up ever 2 seconds.

    nothing tighter than what that girl would wear. and please not to much of the same thing.

    if you have a six pack show it off it turns girls on

    when you where a belt don't where anything shiny ok.

    dont even think about wearing all black inless the girl is emo or goth whatever.

    dont die you hair a weird color like teal (total deal breaker.)

    here are some samples

    justin beiber

    cody longo

    taylor laughtner


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  • i like really simple things on a guy. nice plain tshirts/v-necks. dark jeans. sweaters. leather jackets. and I personally love when a guy wears sweatpants..it just makes me want to cuddle hah

  • I perfer clothes that fit the guy's body type appropiatly. I don't want to see a guy's butt hanging out of their jeans. If a shirt fits too snug, just go a size up. Go down in sizes if it is too big. You don't want to look like you are wearing hammy downs.

  • Ralph Lauren, if you live in England, but really, you guys just dress simply and neatly t hen you'll luk hot and good, whatever you think your body is good in and is comfortable will be fine with us, except if you have really bad taste in clothes,


    Polo shirt/t-shirt with knee length shorts and sneakers


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  • Women prefer men to wear clothes that:

    - compliment their physical features

    - are not "excrutiatingly tight" (aka emo) / are not extremely baggy (aka slimshady)

    - resemble their sense of style (each person is different)

    - are not ancient (don't wear grandma's gift from 3 years ago, unless for a special cause)

    - suit your age (if your 25 years old, don't wear too much captain underpants / barney)

    And my favorite:

    - match your sexuality (if your straight, don't wear women's clothes).

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