Is she into to me or what?

Okay I have this friend, and I can't tell if she's into to me or what. I've known her for I want to say 4 years but we've never hooked up or anything like dat. We did kiss twice tho a while ago(a peck). But I don't know its weird its like I won't hear from her for like 2-3 weeks then she just calls me up and is like "Hey stranger" lol. But yesterday she took me "shoe shopping" with her and I don't know there's just 2 many mixed signals... can some girl plz evaluate lol please?


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  • [ Reality check ]

    - Your not expressing your feelings towards her

    - She has already kissed you... twice

    - You've known her for 4 years, so let's presume you know a lot about her

    - She stays in touch by calling you and initiating the conversations

    Take some initiative and say: "You know, you're reallying growing on me and I would like for you to be my girlfriend, how do you feel about that?"

    - This will "start-the-ball-rolling" and jump-start the spark between you both.

    - This will also allow her the opportunity to express how she feels.

    A couple things I would recommend:

    - Spend time with her at least 2-5 times per week (each visit should be roughly 30min-1hour)

    - Communicate your desires and allow her to communicate hers

    - Lead her through the relationship, you know she likes you - and you like her. Take charge!


    Best regards,


  • wow this is one is a tough one bu I think she does like you I mean yall kissed and go place together I think she does...hope I helped

    good luck