How to get rid of extra tan?

i am of brown complexion ...n my body color is quite okay means whitish brown...but my face is way too tanned ...maybe because I never cared for it and played in sun for long hours(yeah ! I am a sports person )...i wanna know how to get rid of this extra tan had made me(my face) black almost ...


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  • First of all, if you re the perosn who spends a lot of hours outside working out or doing whatever then your number 1 thing to carry with you at all time is, sunblock screen.

    Get a high one so you'd be protected at all time, wear it everyday after your wash your face and before you go out, apply it again if you re going to go outside for long hours ,cause it gets dry.

    Second thing, once you do that everday, you will notice that the brownish color is fading, all you have to do is to scrub your face with a facial cleaner, I suggest it everyday in themorning after your wash your face but if that's hard to do, you could do it as you shower everyday.

    Third thing, seems kinda girlie to do but masks do work, but you need to get the right one for your skin type, also to use in the morning before you leave home, you will leave it for about 25 minutes I guess. but if that's too girlie for you then just Stcik with the sunscreen.

    If you ever get too tanned and you re in pain just put some yoghurt on your face or boyd or wherever it hurts and the yoghurt will ease it up...

    You can get those stuff at any pharmacy, good luck!


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  • the best way is getting an exfolient like a body scrub of some sort. you can find them all over, walmart a drug store or even somewhere like sephora if your willing to go in there. here's some examples link link another way is to always aply sunscreen even in winter and apply a lot of it. over a few weeks you will begin to loose some of your color and pretty fast. hopefull this helps!

  • Hey again, I was reading about how to make my skin lighter, like Dita Von Teeses' skin perhaps * I wish* and I came across a website that gives tips to how to get rid of the tan so here is the link



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