Clothing guys wear?

to girls really care if I a guy wears sweat pants and track pants all the time. I mean I don't see why wearing sweat pants and sweaters all the time is a big deal, personally I don't think I would look good in a collard shirt and such but that's just me. I like to be comfortable more so then stylish.


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  • well it depends on many things. firstly it depends on the girl. some girls like it and some don't. also, if the girl that you are dating is always dressed up or dressed up nicely for certain occasions then she would probably expect the same from you. girls like variety in their guys so once in a while it's good not to wear sweat pants and maybeee wear jeans or something or maybe a nice polo cause those are hot. it depends what the girl is into...i personally like variety but sweat pants are cool too

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  • Would you like if women always wore sweat pants, sweaters, big t-shirts ect ect all the time?

    Im sure most men wouldn't.

    (Sure sweatpants are comfy to wear - but they are so unflattering on both sexes. Or at least I think so.)

    I love a well-dressed man. I really do.

    But I also have no problem with a man wearing casual clothes when just hanging out at home ect. And you can still be comfortable and look good - maybe in a pair of jeans and white t-shirt. - That's always a great look!

    But sure style is such a personal thing.

    • I probably should say I just I dotn work well in jeans. I can wear like black khaki's, I don't mind khaki's but jeans, I just can't do jeans :)

    • Khaki's can look great too I think. :)

  • I wish every guy would wear sweat and track pants and sweaters all the time, they look hot. You make it sound like girls don't like those clothes.

  • I think you should wear whatever you want, just be yourself...girls like confident men


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