Can you make a more complicated fishtail braid?

How is it that I can make a basic braid, but can't make a more complicated one nor can I make a french braid that goes all the way from my forehead to the ends of my hair?

This one is definitely the B word...:

Can you make a more complicated fishtail braid?
- I couldn't make that in a MILLION years!


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  • I can only do the simple ones.

    But then, I haven't actually tried other
    kind of braids.


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  • Its very simple. You only use two strands of hair as opposed to 3... then you take a smal piece from the outter strand cross it over and repeat.. very simple and so elegant!

    • I love it I just misunderstood the instructions and then I understood them, but then I figured out my hair is too short for me to be able to do it with ease. - To my shoulders.
      I'd have to do the one against my scalp - and that's a whole other set of problems. O. o

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    • I did!
      And I made it. xD

      Thank you for the advice.

    • I'm happy
      You're welcome😀

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