How to tell when guys are into you and want to flirt?

What do guys look for in flirting?


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  • If a guy is flirting, he will try to maintain eye contact with you, much longer than usual. He will probably try to stare at you and study you from head to toe, every time he encounters you.

    Small touches, such as a soft pat on your shoulder or arms, are indications that a guy is flirting with you. While sharing a joke, he would try to lean towards you and brush through your hair.

    When a man is flirting, his attention remains focused on his female counterpart. He would ignore everyone else in the place. The guy will lock his eyes on you, as if you are the only person around him.

    The guy would love to pay you compliments, when he is flirting with you. He would often say "you look gorgeous in this attire", even if he doesn’t really mean it.

    One of the best ways to know, whether a guy is flirting with you or not, is to monitor his body language. While talking, he would try to get near you or even lean towards you.

    The guy would try to impress you in order to gain your attention and affection. He would attempt to impress you in different ways. He may get well dressed and wear an enticing fragrance. If it is not through the looks, he would try to impress you with his sweet talk.

    The guy will show that he is the best listener on earth. He would listen to you very intently, to show that he is interested in you. In the process, he would even try to learn things about you.

    Teasing is an old method adopted by guys, when they flirt with girls. Since his motive is to seek your attention, he would not restrict himself to a regular conversation. Instead, he would try to tease you, so that you hold on to the talk and react.

    A straightforward method applied by guys is to flirt with words. He would say that you are beautiful and that he would like to spend some time with you.

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    - Harvey D


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  • I don't you can tell if he likes you if he flirts, but if he seems happier around you, and looks at you a lot when you two aren't talking, then he probably likes you. But that doesn't always means he wants to start anything with you at that point and time, just that he likes you.


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  • A guy will most likely compliment you when flirting, he will also try to get close to you and want to touch you in some way. The same applies to you, if you want to flirt with a guy, tease him, but still try to keep his ego up by giving him a complilment, and maybe touch his arm or something. do you have ondemand? if so, look up life and home and then the singles life, or something like that, they have short videos about flirting.