Do you think a young man should really invest in a wardrobe?

This past year I've been buying nothing but expensive clothing. I'm dressing like an adult I guess you can say now. I spend abouot $80 on a button down shirt. $100 shoes. $80-100 pants/jeans. I add in things like watches etc. I love dressing well. I rremember buying teeshirts from target and walmart and them looking good the first time I wore them only. After one wash they looked like ch! t. These clothes and outfits I have will last my a lifetime it seems like. I just feel like I'm actually saving money and looking better wearing higher quality clothes.



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  • Only if it's in his budget and he's paying off his loans. Otherwise it's a waste of money that should be going toward your debt instead.


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  • It is really a personal choice - Find a style that suits you and you are most comfortable with - Some like really casual and others like dressed up.


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  • Welcome aboard haha.

    Seriously though it's good to dress well, just don't be one of those people who thinks they're better than everyone else because you can afford nice clothes.

    First impressions are important and clothes help you make the best one you can, I don't care what they say, people do judge others on appearance.

    • Oh yeah forsure I can agree. You see a sloppy kid wearing gym shorts and graphic tee everyday to class what do you think of him. Not much he is probably an underachiever.