Girls, any advice on how to start wearing make up please?

I want to try wearing more make up but I just do not know what to buy and what to start with. I have only put mascara so far.
I don't know how to put it on the eyes or on skin, so I would need something easy to use to start with. I also want it to remain "discreet" so not too eye-catching.
I have brown hair and eyes with a white skin by the way.


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  • Here's my kinda daily routine that can be perfected by anyone since it's barely no makeup at all -.-...

    1) Curl your lashes (each eye 15 seconds)
    2) Apply any mascara with a spoon-like wand (the spoon shaped wand enhances the natural curl of your lashes)

    AND BAM, you got kawaii bright eyes >:O

    sometimes you can use bronzer:

    1) buy a kabuki brush
    2) make a cute fishy face
    3) apply bronzer that suits your skin color (only dip a small amount of bronzer at a time!!! And make sure you do this in a bright room/ well-lit)

    You're all set.


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  • Look up tutorials for beginners on youtube, that's how I started and now all my friends ask me how I'm skilled at eye liner! (:

  • - Well if you want subtle eye shadows, I would go w/ vanilla and taupe colors. Vanilla for the lid, and taupe for the crease (just to give the illusion of deep crease). Make sure you blend well, esp the taupe. Taupe isn't dark but it's always good to blend just in case. Just take a clean brush and brush it over the taupe a few times till there's no harsh line.
    - If you wanna use a liner, I would go with pencil or the liquid pencil, my fav is milani eye tech extreme eyeliner because it's super black. But if you're a beginner you might want a precision liner (they have much smaller brush, easier to avoid the 'thick line').
    - For face, stick to powder or loose mineral powder. Liquid always looks heavy in my experience. No matter how many youtube gurus say it's not heavy or visible, it is! And you don't need the stupid contour trend.

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