100 Years of Men's Fashion! Which is your favorite?

Inspired by a recent post by @xHoneyxBeex, here is a video featuring 100 years of men's fashion in three minutes! Which do you like best? I lean towards the 30s, 40s, 2000s, and 2010s.


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  • Awesome! I hadn't seen the men's version yet. I really liked the 1930's and 1940's looks the best. The 2015 look was okay too :)


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  • 1945. looked pretty good/casual.
    1955. but only without the jacket.
    1985. That actually looked alright.
    2005. One of my relatives dresses exactly like that. thumbs up.
    2015. That looks decently good, but I'd exclude the bad
    and perhaps keep the shirt unbuttoned.

    Bonus.. 1965.. no please no! ^.~

    Nice question by the way..

    Inspired by @xHoneyxBeex female variant? ^.^

    • Eh... more like... blatantly plagiarized *cough*

      And I totally agree with you on the 60s. Ya hear that, @PioBelloAmante? It's two against one :-P

    • *PiuBelloAmante

    • Err.. for 2015, I'd exlude the *bag*

      It may sound rude, but I found
      1965 a little derpy..

      I'm sure some 1965 styles looked good
      but the displayed one.. not so much.

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  • 2015 honestly because its the most subtle and not too detailed, all though I do think guys back in 1955 were the hottest but If 1955 and 2015 were mixed I would be a huge fan x

  • 1935. very class. i like.
    1975. omg. i swear i once saw an old album of my dad wearing the exact same outfit! lol
    1985. miami vice
    1995. i like the '90s

    1965 would look better if either the pants or the shirt were a different color

    • I agree. '65 guy looks like a robot with some kind of... awful fashion... sense?

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