Girls, what's your clothing style? Post pictures if you want to?


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  • I like vintage with a slightly harder edge mixed in. I like to wear leggings, skinny jeans, or faux leather skinny pants with a lace or floral top. Lately I've been getting more striped shirts. If it's cold I'll wear a Moto jacket, blazer or trench coat. It's usually a darker palette (black, greys, purples, dark blues, dark greens, dark reds). I'll occasionally wear cream.

    I'll wear my leather jacket with a dress, too

    I wish I had more vintage inspired 1950s dresses like this one (my dress isn't as detailed, but the cut is similar)

    I usually wear sandals, since it's warm/hot here. But if it's cold I'll wear boots or converse. I'll wear heels to events. I don't accessorize much, maybe some earrings once in a while, or a ring with my clutch or purse.


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