What girls think about their looks, should it matter to us guys a lot?

Nearly all girls I have met or talked to said they think they don't look good or aren't attractive, even if I look at them or their pics and say you look hot they keep saying hehe no not really! thanks though...

The only girl I knew that was so confident about her looks was my ex that I've never seen (long distance complicated stuff) she always says that guys chase her for how classy, attractive and sexy she is.

So what does what they think of themselves mean? when a girl never mentions that she has any flaws, acts like a wanted princess all the time, could it mean that she has insecurities she avoids talking about especially to someone she is on a relationship with? or the opposite?


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  • well, girls say that they are not pretty when you tell them because they don't want to seem OVER confidant and FULL of themselves...we also tend to think that guys don't like it when we act that way. girls also tend to compare themselves to other girls often and ESPECIALLY do people in the media so when guys tell us we look good we don't beleive it because we know that someone out there IS prettier. all girls have insecurities that they avoid...most find it hard to avoid these insecurities which is why MANY girls go through plastic surgery/dieting or w/e to improve their body images or appearance. a RARE amount of girls rarely complain but it or mention it but secretly they have these insecurities. the reason THEY don't mention it is because they know that guys want girls with confidance so they try and show it...but even these girls have some sort of flaws that they see within themselves. ALL girls do and whoever tells you no is not being truthful and just wanting to be admired for their confidance. for example, I'm skinny...super skinny and I have a great body and boobs. although I'am VERY proud of this and often told how lucky I'am...at times, I feel that I'am TOO skinny (thus I'm NOT really satisfied am i?) and I also HATE my nose...but when people tell me that I'm lucky to have these features I just smile and say: thanks! I don't complain because other people have worse problems and I don't want to make them FEEL bad about their own bodies. so yes all girls have this problem...

    ***please help me with my most recent question***


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  • i think yeah it could mean that she's insecure or she's totally full of herself

    i am not a bad looking female but I know I have flaws and it's just the way it is. whatever. her personality could be flawed because she isn't humble enough to recognize that no one is perfect. I don't like poining out my flaws either but everyone has them.

  • when girls say oh no, thanks though...they really just don't wanna come off like a conceited bitch. the vainest girl in the world could say that to you...seriously. but then there's some people like your ex who are open about thinking they are pretty. who knows which is better...

  • Insecurity does play a big part in it, I think it just comes out a heck of a lot more with girls. And just because a girl never mentions flaws doesn't really mean she is trying to hide insecurities, it could just be that she is confident in the way she looks, and if she is aware of her flaws then maybe she just don't let them get to her like most people tend to.

  • Everyone's insecure about something, some people are just better at hiding it.

  • some girls truly don't see themselves as pretty

    some girls just say stuff like that because they don't want to seem conceited

    some girls really are confident (but the confident ones don't go on and on about how flawless they are)

    and some girls that do act really cocky are actually very insecure too.

    personally I think I am a very pretty girl and I am confident on some level, but I know there are a lot of girls that are prettier than me so I don't think I'm the best. but I also don't think down of myself usually either and if someone compliments me I just accept the compliment. I think that is soo annoying when a girls like "im not hot thanks though" that just reaks of low confidence and I can't stand people who are down on themselves or fake negativity so they don't seem cocky. I could give a f*** if someone thinks I'm conceited because I know I'm not, I'm just confident


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