What to wear/do to get my crush to notice me?

It's the first home football game this Friday. My crush is one of the players, (he won't be playing this game because of bad grades) I want to wear something to impress him without gaining the attention of the coaches. ("No Manager girlfriends") I just want him to notice me. Makeup, hair and outfit ideas would be great.

Hair details: Just under my chin in length, curly, dirty blonde/gingerish tips, blunt bangs (Growing out).

Body details: 5'0, curvy, long legs.

Makeup Skill: Minimal. Tutorials are welcome.

Clothing requirments: No crop tops, no leggings (Unless my butt is covered), no short shorts. (Think your average school's dress code.)

Weather: 70-60 Fahrenheit. Little bit of wind.

(Side note)... I will probably be filming in the "Crow's Nest" or the Box for the game but I might set the camera up outside on the bleachers.

Thank you!


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  • Where a jersey and jeans


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  • Wear a knee-length dress paired with platform heels.


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  • Just wear a bright and casual dress about knee length and comfortable shoes.


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