Girls, Am I weird?

I really like wearing shirts and ties (reg and bow) depending on the occasion I just think I look better when I dress neatly with my top button done and my tie pulled up nice and tight than when I wear sweat pants and hoodies I like the way it feels to have a stiff shirt collar with a tied tie bow ties are great too I think sometimes I'll make it more casual with a pair of jeans and more casual shoes or sneakers if I'm not wearing a tie that day I am in highschool what do you think am I weird for dressing nicely


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  • I find that kind of attractive. It would be weird if you can't ever wear a casual shirt to lounge around in, but if you just prefer dressing up it sounds pretty good to me.

    • Oh it's not like i don't own sweat pants or t shirts I do I just prefer looking neat than messy I was just hoping that girls found it attractive too 😊

    • Do you think most girls are attracted to guys who dress up like me I don't really care I'm gonna regardless I just prefer looking fancy to sloppy I especially love wearing bow ties and most girls seem to like it as well

    • Hahaha looking nicely dressed is very attractive. Of course some girls looking for a "bad boy" will like other styles of dress but the girls wanting a good guy and a meaningful relationship will love it. Dressing that way will give off the impression that you take pride in your appearance, take care of yourself, and that you're smart. Bow ties can be really cute but I'd say not everyday for that one.

  • i dont think thats weird.