How would you lace these shoes?

I just got this new pair of black and plaid double layer Converses and I have no clue how to lace them up. They gave me two pairs of laces and I don't know how to begin lacing them in a non-tacky looking way. I've searched the net and have seen just about every site for shoelaces there is, so I don't think that you can direct me to a standard shoelace site that I haven't seen. But if you think it'll help, please share.

A picture of shoes that are the same style as mine can be seen in the link below.


Thanks for your help. :p


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  • i went with a lattice lacing style, looks pretty neat I think.


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  • I'd just do the inside shoe. But if they give you two colored laces(which they probably didn't) I'd do one color on each shoe. That's what I did with my plaid high-tops, and they look different from everyone else.

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