Why do people give me weird looks when I wear my Hannah Montana tee?

When I wear it I constantly get weird looks from passersby. I mean seriously, can't people wear what they like anymore nowadays? I absolutely love her, she's the greatest!

Ahahaha I love how I see so many people take this question seriously 😂
It was for this dare if you were wondering: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1660700-gagers-truth-or-dare


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  • They hate you 'cuz they ain't you.


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  • I have no objection just strange to see a teen guy wear a Hannah Montana, I probably would take a second look

    • This was for a dare, I don't actually own such a tee. Gotta admit, if I'd really see a teen guy wearing one I'd probably find it rather weird too haha

  • because your wearing a hannah montana tee, that should be obvious. but that shouldn't effect you, if you like it, then wear it

    • This was for a dare, I don't actually own such a tee. Still nice to see your way of thinking. Usually I wear whatever I want regardless of what people think, but I'm not really one to wear Hannah Montana tees lol