Are women who wear make up more attractive than natural women?

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  • No, I prefer natural.
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  • Yes, I like a little make up.
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  • Yes, I like a nice amount of make up.
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  • I like with and without make up
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Sorry Guys its "Wear" moving kinda fast. Thank you for you opinions


Most Helpful Guy

  • natural women always look better. personally I do not actually find celebrity women as attractive as real life every day women I see on a regular basis because of the fact that many of these celebrity wome go through so many modificatiosn to keep their younger appearence while they coudl look so much better if they jsut take care of themself and stay natural. natural women always look better I think, after all they can only be themself.

    Good Luck, God Bless


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What Girls Said 4

  • It depends on the woman. I think the most attractive woman is one who has amazing clear glowing skin and doesn't need to wear makeup, but that is very rare for anybody. Being attractive depends on your facial features. Some women who go natural probably should wear makeup if they have flaws, or to bring out their eyes. Some women put too much makeup on. Some do it just right. It depends but generally I think a little makeup (eyeshadow, liner, mascara and gloss, and maybe some concealer) makes most females look the best.

    I go without it sometimes but other times I will wear a little bit. I don't really like how foundation feels on my face, and it's hard for me to find the right color match because of my skin tone so I just generally skip it!

  • Yes. Otherwise why do you think cosmetics companies make SO MUCH $$$$?

    Unless you're one of those perfect babes, who have flawless skin, flawless features, and your lashes are naturally thick and curly and your lips and eyes are naturally colored to perfection, then yes, you need makeup.

    Note, more makeup isn't better. Experiment at the counter and see. Be fearless, and have one. I love makeup because it makes me feel extremely feminine. Still I don't wear it everyday. I play it light or heavy depending on my mood.

    I'm my own artist!

  • I wear no make up.

    You tell me

  • I like natural or a little make-up.


What Guys Said 2

  • the question is really how much make up. most girls wear make up so as a guy you don't always notice if they have it on unless they have a pound of it on. it depends on the woman and their skin. personally I like it when the girls eye makeup and a little foundation.

  • Me as a man I love it 100% natural. I feel that women who wear make up are a little more fake to me. They are not whole they feel the need to try and enhance what they feel they don't have. Which carries over to their relationships, more needy, more insecure, more likely to cheat, if they are not getting enough then they will get it somewhere else another enhancement. Confidence is sexy make up is not be 100% not 50% here and 10% there and 40% there ladies we don't like it we just deal with it.