I'm in homecoming. How should I fix my hair and what type of dress?

I'm really short and have a hourglass figure.
I hate mermaid dresses. 😖 I love heels. my hair is to my waist and really thick.

Any ideas on what I should do? Please post pics 😊


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  • In order to maximize your height, wear heels with NO ankle straps, go for a short dress, mid-thigh in a solid color with a detail like a vertical stripe or floral detail or sparkle near the face that pulls the focus up. Avoid horizontal lines, and patterns that cut the body and make it look wider or shorter. To continue the adding of height, wear a top bun or style that is off your neck.


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  • Homecoming is more of a short dress thing so I wouldn't wear anything too long. I'd say the longest to go would be to the knee. I think dresses with sequins or some sparkles on it are pretty. & for your hair maybe do something you barely do with it. You get hot from dancing so maybe a half up-do. I don't wear heels much but a lot of people took their heels off when they danced. I literally walked in & then took them off & danced all night lol.

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