What do you think of this outfit for a formal party?

Light blue shirt
dark blue bow Tie
dark blue vest the bow tie and vest match exactly don't worry
black suit jacket and pants
black shoes
hair done neatly
keep in mind this is what my best friend who's a girl told me to wear cuz we are going together and she is controlling but what is your opinion nonetheless keep in mind this party is very formal should I opt for a tux cuz that's what I wanted to wear because I don't get to wear it very often


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  • Sounds good
    If you want to wear a tux that's good too

    • Okay thanks I'm gonna wear a tux and tell my friend that because I look wayyyy better in a tuxedo

    • That's good
      You seem more confident about it too

    • Yeah lol the girl I'm going with likes to micro manage what I wear but I know I look better also tuxedos are awesome and I have so few chances to wear them plus bow ties go better with them maybe I'll compromise with her and get a blue vest for it

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  • Well, i know that there won't be many color combinations with the tux. But it does go together with bow ties. But it's your choice, your list sounds good for a "formal" party. I just want to let you know that it could have more contrast. It gives you a cold look.

    Not to lose, not too tight, no short socks and only black, no dressbelt on the tux etc.

    And don't forget a nice pocket square that goes along with whatever you wear :)


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