Why do people down rate questions on here?

I try not to take it personally, but I admit that I get a little irritated when I see that what I thought was a good question is rated one or two stars for no apparent reason. I'm not posting pictures and begging people to tell me I'm hot or anything like that, and, to me, those are the annoying questions, not the ones asking for honest advice.

A lot of times, it seems to happen when I admit that I've been hurt in some way or have a hard time with something. Are people just doing it to be mean?

Okay, ha, ha. Very funny.
Referring to the rating...
Damn it. I hate when that happens.


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  • I don't know why people rate stuff down. If it was me rating stuff I would look at these things:

    1) Question asked: How serious is the question. If it is just some guy/girl crying about how they look, what is "he thinking", I'm scared...stuff like that..it will be rated down. If it was something serious and makes me have to have a good response to help, I'll rate higher.

    2) If the person rants on about the question (basically writing a story in the details of the question) I'll rate down. Why? Majority of questioners ask one question, but ask another question in the details and that is confusing.

    3) Spelling and pronunciation...if it is bad: I rate down. There is no excuse for just horrible spelling.

    4) Attitude of the question asker...if someone answers a question and the question asker gets upset and replies unfavorably, they get rated down (sometimes).

    5) Repetition of questions...a lot of times I do see the same questions being asked over and over again, and although I don't rate down, others do.

    I've noticed that ratings for questions go higher over time when there is a large amount of people answering questions.

    I hope that helps.


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  • Don't you get xper points for ratings?

  • Hell yes. Some people do it because they have nothing better to do.

  • do you get full of glee when it's rated 5 stars?

    • That's the thing--no one really rates anything five stars. No one bothers with the rating system except when they go out of their way to rate stuff down. So I have to wonder what it is that's so horrible about my questions.

    • Usually the ones that attract a lot of people to post get a few people who will rate whatever the question is fairly high. if it's just some type of question that people see everyday some guy is likely to rate it down and that's all it takes to give you a 1 star. even dumb topics can get 5 starts because it's some girl asking if she's hot so all the guys 5 star it xD

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  • I reaaly don't even paying any attention to but maybe try to trim your questons if they are to long. I mean I didn't even know that you could rate questions.

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