Am I being shallow?

I am starting to like a guy. Occasionally, though, he will do something I do not like which is expected as people have their own lives. His personality is great, I love talking to him and spending time with him. My problem is that I am taller than he is. Maybe just an inch taller and I'm only 5'8". I love wearing heels which I feel would only make matters worse.

I have always wanted a guy that was taller, so I would feel more protected and not have to look down at or have to reach things for him. I keep going back and forth between how I am being superficial and that he is great in other aspects and I am letting this one thing bother me and how later on it could become a big problem and anything he does that I do not like I will multiply because I already have this height issue and someone may end up really hurt, so why start something in the first place?

Do guys not like or become insecure when a woman is taller?


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  • I guess it's true that you can't help it, but I'd try my best to get over it. I think it'd be a shame to not give him a chance because of a small physical flaw, especially if you think he's great otherwise. For me, when I start to like someone a lot, I stop noticing the flaws I noticed before, or I start finding them kind of endearing.

    Maybe you should give it some more time and try getting used to the idea of dating a guy who's shorter than you. If still you think you really can't get over it, then I'd avoid getting him involved and hurting his feelings.

  • I don't think you're being shallow, that's just your preference. You can't force yourself to be attracted to someone if you're not. Let's be honest if this were a guy asking this question, and instead of height, weight was the issue, a guy wouldn't even think about if he was shallow or not. If you have an issue with his height don't bother.

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