Girls, which do I wear for a sweet sixteen where the colors are purple and black and I am being forced to choose an outfit to match them?

Option one
Light purple shirt
dark purple bow tie
black vest
black dress slacks
shined black shoes
option 2
black dress shirt
light purple suspenders
light purple self tie bow tie (part of a matching set with suspenders but not cheap and cheezey it was quite expensive)
black slacks and black shoes

you may be wondering why a bow tie in both well the invitation specified that so I'm just following along it said that all men must wear bow ties as their neckwear I've never heard of that before outside of black tie events but whatever to each his own which idea is better


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would go with option two

    • Thanks that one seems to be more sweet sixteen-y if that makes any sense

    • Yeah, that does make sense hahaha

  • Option 1 :)

    • Thank you I appreciate the advice I look good in them both I think but I've gotta choose one

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