Guys.. What do you mean by cute?

This guy I really like, keeps telling me I'm cute. I know this is supposed to be a compliment, but what does he actually mean?

My friends keep telling that it is not a good thing to be "cute" because it means he thinks I'm sweet but too young or naive to be girlfriend material.

but another friend has said, that its a good thing that he calls me "cute"

can someone explain ?

(btw if it helps to know I'm 17 and he is 21)

there has been times where he has said, I'm beautiful or pretty, but most of the time he says "cute"

and its not just about looks, whenever I say sumfin he's like "awww that's cute"


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  • Well in my opinion if I think a girl is cute, then it means that. She is cute, she looks good.

    Cute doesn't mean your too young or naive, it just a type of looks.

    Girls think that guys either think girls are

    Ugly=Doesn't turn him on

    Cute=Too young to turn him on really.

    Hot=Turns him on

    Truth is its more like this

    Ugly=Doesn't turn him on

    Cute=Looks good in a sweet way, not a "look at me I'm a sexy beast"

    Hot=Has a very striking figure and shows it off.

    It just means you look good without looking like your showing anything off.


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  • Cute generally means:

    -Young looking



    -Not Sexy




    I wish I could give a more meaningful description but I it's more of a personality than a look.

  • Most guys use this label on girls they like, but he might also think you are sweet, but too young to be his girlfriend...

  • My honest advice to your friend:

    Never say the word "cute" in vain!


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