White girls 18 to 22 in age, what do you think of guys (white guys) who are in the same age group who shave their head completely bald? is it ugly?

My friend balded early due to physiological stress from a hard time docs were surprised he even made it out okay from. But to follow up the hardest time of his life he lost most of his hair, and has to shave it bald now. Most say he pulls it off pretty good and I think he does too (but I'm a guy though so kinda moot point) although he's pale, when he tries to tan it goes from red back to white again he just can't. And he's a pretty skinny guy standing at 5'8-9 (he's a bit taller than me that's why I'm unsure) anyway he's super self conscious of what girls will think and worried he'll be alone given his high standards on looks, and nobody bash that I agree with him and he isn't a hypocrite about it, he just needs his girl to be attractive looking, I get that. But he's only 20 so I can see his concern, so girls 18-22 range, what do you think of young bald guys? Could you date one? Or is bald as gross as some say? (Some have straight up said eww when it was brought up) also the only reason I asked for just white or Caucasian is because he has gotten a ton of black women after him since he shaved his head, unfourtunately he isn't attracted to black women so don't take that part of the question bad please.

  • I think it can look fine Id date a guy with no hair at this age
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  • While baldness itself isn't attractive a guy can still be even without hair, it doesn't make or break his looks to me so I would date one
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  • I'll be nice, while baldness isn't ugly I really wouldn't be happy with a guy who has no hair this young, I couldn't do it sorry.
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  • To me baldness is just gross, it's disgusting.
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To those saying it's gross what do you expect a guy with hairloss to do? A fat girl can lose weight with effort, hair is genetic


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  • Although I am not white baldness does not make a man unattractive.

    • Did you vote? I'm just unsure if you did or not and was curious, your skin tone (assuming that's you in the pic, is still light enough he wouldn't mind, it's just that since shaving black women have seemed to take an interest. Again nothing against them but he's not attracted to that dark if skin.

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  • Personally, I really, really don't like bald people. My current boyfriend's hair goes down below his shoulderblades and for me, that's perfect, so obviously him being bald isn't really my thing. But I think that, knowing the reasons behind it as well, I'd probably be able to at least attempt to look past it. If he's a great guy and he makes me feel happy and I'm attracted to him anyway, then it'll work out.

    • You're honest and respectful so there's nothing to be ashamed about in what you say, as long as you know a guy can't really help it

    • Can I ask what you voted on the poll then?

    • I voted B. I think that it would be possible to find a guy attractive even if he doesn't have hair, though it's not my preference :)

  • There are many hot men who are complete bald:
    LL Cool J
    Vin Diesel (who looks sexier bald than with hair)
    Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
    Kelly Slater
    Billy Zane

    What do these have in common, they have an attractive face to begin with and a nice body.

    A type like Jason Alexander (George in Seinfeld) must have a lot of status to be successful in dating.

  • I guess it just depends on his other features and personality as well.

  • I think you're the one who is your "friend" . Just post normally no one knows who you are.

    • ? Regardless I don't care who you think I am, which did you vote?

  • I don't mind baldness but I like hair that I have hold and play with. and being bald is not ugly and doesn't make you less attractive but it makes you older and oily on the head and you have to keep shaving it and either before you shave or trying to grow it back there are parts of the growing back process that isn't the nicest thing to look at or touch

    • I lost all the hair to a condition so you don't need to worry about the growing back phase, so are you saying you could of probably wouldn't date a bald guy? It really doesn't make a guy look that much older. Most say I'm 21 or 22 looking with no hair, I'm just confused because you said bald was fine, then turn and say all this stuff that you need hair haha, so would you it wouldn't you give a bald guy a shot