Guys, If you are black, would you ever talk to a white girl wearing Jordan 1 flight 3's?

I saw a very pretty white girl wearing Jordan 1 Flight 3's today, what's your opinion? I was thinking of buying some.


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  • 2 things. 1. I don't do race based dating; I don't discriminate. 2. I don't think I'd date any girl that wears jordans; I don't even wear them. In this case it'd probably be her just not being my type. Every guy is different, some would, so you'll be fine.

    • Shoes don't determine someones "type"
      And if she's beautiful you sure as heck would date her even if she was wearing jordans sweetie.

    • I never said that shoes determines a persons type. If she's hot then I'm not going to say I wouldn't be attracted to her but attractiveness isn't the only thing I look at. I'd have to admit that the way she dresses is a part of it too. I'd probably say personality accounts for 50%, 25% to looks, 25% to dress. I don't think I'm the type of person to date any girl who wears blue hair or red hair, I'm not a fan of makeup or excessive jewellery. I'd rather date a girl with a well taken care of Afro or pressed hair rather than a weave. And this goes for any girl from dark as chocolate to pasty and light as snow. I just think simple is normally very beautiful.

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  • Do you like black guys or something?

    • Look at you using your brain to figure things out. Yes I do.

    • I was thinking about it when I seen your question. I like white women myself so thats wih I asked.

  • no if your a girl and you wear basketball shoes on a daily basis and you don't play basket ball that means your a hood rat sorry...

    • I do play basketball honey.

  • Lol I don't even pay attention to shoes.

    • Lol I applaud you for that Sir.

    • Alright :)

  • $100 for shoes?

    I would think she likes to spend money on stupid stuff.

    • I like shoes. I'm not buying them for attention. I just love sneakers. But I also don't want people to dislike me.

    • Or like you said think I spend money on stupid things. Which is true if you pay too much for shoes.

    • I mean do what you like, i buy stupid stuff to everyone does. That would just be my personal impression.