Girls, Speedos on Athletic men?

So what do you think of guys with athletic bodies wearing speedos?

  • Hot, less clothes the better
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  • Cute, I'll smile/snicker and pretend I don't like it while I secretly do
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  • Not good
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  • Don't care
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  • Other, explain
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So anybody?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think they're fine... On fit people. Definitely not for a guy with a big belly.

    • Do you like them better than shorts on fit guys?

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    • Was just wondering what fine meant to you?

    • Exactly what it means to a dictionary.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Speedis are ugly. A hot guy looks hotter in board shorts

    • What makes them look ugly to you (just talking about fit guys..)?

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    • I would try a nude beach if there was one nearby... So just the difference between boardshorts and speedos is enough for you to have a different opinion on a guy?

    • Yes. I also would be more likely to flirt with or approach a guy in board shorts. I would feel a little more comfortable with him.

  • It looks good on some guys and some it doesn't.