Why do stores separate the stereotypical white hair products from the stereotypical black hair products?

I find it weird since buy the ethnic aisles there's perms and things, harsh for natural hair.
In the white aisles there's curly hair products as well. If both of the products are meant for curly hair, why do they have to make an 'ethnic' aisle?
I think all curly hair products should be organised better.


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  • because the hair type is totally different and this way there is no confusion. People who have curly hair who are white usually find they are softer and this isn't actually always better. Black people have very wiry coarse hair which is why a relaxer is best as it softens down and makes it easier to manage... If you got a white person curl product odds are it would not be strong enough for a black person's hair. This way its more convenient to find as you know which is which. I don;t have a problem with it, its smart shopping.