What is wrong with a bra that has shoulder straps that fall off constantly or dig into your shoulders?

No other way to adjust them.
Is it too big? Too small?


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  • Is it new? If it is then its too big. If its old then the straps has worn off.


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  • If the bra is digging in and sliding off then the bra is wayy too small, maybe its the psotions your arms go in thats making them slide off sometimes

    But if it digs in then its way to small

  • Have you been fitted properly?

    • Yeah, and this bra is the only one I've ever had problems with. O. o I guess it's just not that good.

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  • Your band size is too big.

    Take the straps off your shoulders completely and if the bra slips down, its to big. The straps only support around 10% of the weight of your boobs, its the band that supports the rest.

    What happens is the bra band slowly moves up your back during the day, this causes your boobs to sag :( and the straps to loosen and thus slide off your shoulders.

    You need to be measured again

  • Too loose of a hook/too cheap.

    I used to buy my bras at walmart or even the 99 cents store and would always have my straps fall during the day.

    I would just have my mum tape it or something.

    Then I started shopping @ Aerie ❀️

    I know the bras are like $20-40 dollars ea/ but quality is great 😍

    I bought a bra from there 2 years ago, that still works great now.

    • I buy excellent quality bras. Can't afford to buy cheap ones.

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    • This one was a Wonderbra. o. O
      Apparently they're not that good.

      I'll try that. Thanks. =)

    • πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ tell me if you like it

  • I have to buy my bras at "upscale" stores and have them fitted. If I buy them anywhere else or try to guess the brand or fit, they never seem to fit correctly.