Where can I find cargo shorts for tall guys that don't wrinkle like crazy?

I'm a taller guy at 6'4 so I like to wear longer shorts. I can't seem to find cargo shorts or even just casual shorts that don't wrinkle like crazy. I even try ironing them and after about 20 minutes they look wrinkled again where they naturally crease. It's hard enough finding shorts that are long enough but then they also look like I slept in them no matter what I do.


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  • I'm not sure why this is a problem. If wrinkles are inappropriate in a given environment, so are cargo shorts.

    If you want a more formal looking short, you would need soemthing that looks more like suiting fabric. But beyond some business environments in the tropics, I'm not sure where you'd wear them.


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  • I googled no wrinkle cargo shorts - There are some advertised but I don't know how suitable they would be for you

  • Maybe a store?

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