I really like him but he loves her!

I been talking to this boy or about a year and I really like this boy now but he has a girlfriend he say he like me to but he don't want to leave her...am I doing something wrong should I step my game up

need help


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  • should step back because its not fair for the g/f. be in her shoes how would you feel, if he had thoughts to be with you or had done anything with you in the time he has her then he can always do the same to you.


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  • well you should put you in his girlfriends shoes. would you really want him to be telling a girl he like them but doesn't wana leave you? do you think you'll be hurt once you find out? I mean if he really likes you he'd left her. but as in he seems to not leave her, he's more wanting to be attach to her. if they weren't ment to be, then the'll break up and there would be your chance. girl I say just be pacient, if you like this guy, let him do what he thinks its right. don't move on but don't be waiting for him, maybe he'll get with you yet maybe he wont. why risk hurting the other girl and you?

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