Girls, do you have a Christina piercing? If not, do you know someone or something about it?

I'm REALLY considering getting this done!
But I heard that because it's a surface piercing, there's a big chance that it will get rejected :(
Does anyone have any tips or personal experience?
And do you know if you have to shave down there before getting it pierced?

  • I don't have a Christina piercing
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  • I don't have a Christina piercing, but I have another genital piercing
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  • I had one, but it got rejected
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  • I have one, and I love it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • God!
    Googled it. Nope.. HEEEEL NAW!

    I say simply don't go there. Be reasonable and save yourself the money and the pain.

    • Because of the waste of money and the possibility of it being rejected - why even do that?
      The infection?


    • well, it's a very cute and beautiful piercing
      and it shouldn't hurt more than getting your belly button pierced, and that doesn't hurt at all

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What Girls Said 3

  • I googled it and found this

    It seems painful and easy to get infected or rejected. And I imagine you won't even be able to walk until this heals.. Not to mention you 'll have to get naked to a stranger to do the piercing. And what if something goes wrong and you loose sense from the area?

  • no thanks, that looks disgusting

  • Google maybe? Or maybe asking someone who does this on an everyday basis...

    • I have googled it xD
      but there are so many sites that say different things...
      so i just wanted to hear someone who actually has one/had one :)

    • Ooh okay, well idek.. but whatever you decide I wish you nothing, but luck.