Is it possible for girls in our current society still be loyal?

For girls is so easy to have sex, they can have sex pretty much anytime they want, even if they are decent looking, they can get massive amounts of guys to sleep with.

Guys is not the same, even if the guy is super cute, he has to prove to the girl that he is not going to be telling everybody what happened and girls have to trust him, he has to be super smooth which is a very hard thing to do and just with the smallest mistake a girl can lose attraction, so is very hard for a guy to have sex.

That's why I'm wondering if with all these circumstances the chance of finding a decent looking girl that is loyal is very little, maybe 1 out 20 or something ridiculous like that.

  • Not very likely, I hardly doubt you'll find one, just forget about it and accept reality
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  • Is possible but you have to be very lucky and find an extremely religious girl that doesn't like to go out much
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  • She has to be extremely ugly so is hard for her to cheat yet is still not guarantee she won't cheat
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  • You can do it, but your personality has to be very tight, at extreme levels of excellence
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  • You can find a good liar, that way you'll at least think she is loyal when she is not
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Girls are also a walking emotional mess, one little change in their mood and they don't give a damn about morals.


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  • The answer to your question is YES


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  • Yes. All the stuff you listed that makes it difficult for guys? Girls do that because they want to make sure a guy doesn't just want them for sex. A lot of girls want a relationship with a guy they can trust before it even gets to the point where they're having sex.

    • Yeah, but that slim down very much the chances for good guys getting girls because moslty players are the only ones that can pull off those levels of smoothness because of their vast experience.

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    • I meant I answered your answer, but you didn't answered my answer to your answer, you went back and answered something else.

    • That was my response to you. It doesn't matter what I say, it's probably not going to change your mind.

      But, fine, I'll directly address what you said. Girls want decent guys. The main reason they end up with players is because players pretend to be good guys. That doesn't slim down the chances of decent guys getting girls, it just fools girls.

  • Yes it's totally possible, I would never ever cheat! I'm not religious I can have other guys when I want I just couldn't do it

  • That's not completely true. Don't get me wrong women are emotional messes. But it doesn't change there morals

  • Your right, people gone crazy!

    There must be more love than just sex.

    Of course there are girls like that

    I'm one of them

    Find someone to be friends with first, a girl that's her true self in every way.

    And believe me they are there..

    My tip: Watch the girls wearing jeans with not to much make up on :P

  • It is absolutely possible! This should have been one of your poll answers.

  • PLEASE do not suggest that all women are whores! Yes, there are girs out there like the ones you are describing, but I feel like that would be the minority. MOST girls are looking for serious relationships, and are very faithful. Where are you looking for dates? I would suggest that you look somewhere other than parties, bars, and clubs... and you might find someone you're looking for.

    • Actually those girls are the majority, a US study showed that 48% of women cheat on their partner and that most girls start havin sex between the ages of 14-16 with the world wide percentage of women that have not had sex by 18 to be 4%. the stats are posted in an article on this site too. So go check it out its really sad.

  • I think that it is very possible to find a girl who will remain loyal in today's society.

    The only thing is... they can be tough to find.

    I would think that a factor that plays into this whole thing... is WHERE you are going to meet girls. I think it's safe to say that certain places can draw certain types of people. For example, a school/ library is going to draw a different crowd than the most popular bar in town. (yes, there will always be exceptions... so please excuse the generalization.) No, I'm not saying you should go to the library to get girls... I'm just saying its something to think about when you are looking.

    I really hope you weren't implying in your second paragraph that you think girls should be more easy...but I don't think you were seeing as you are asking about loyal girls and I don't think loyal girls are easy.

    So, I guess my final answer would be that finding a loyal girl is totally possible... and I know for a fact that there are some beautiful loyal girls in the world... you just have to know where to look, and have reasonable expectations.

    Hope that makes sense/ helped.

    : )

    • Resonable expectations?

    • What I meant by "reasonable expectations" was more of a physical looks thing. Unfortunately, the chances of finding a "perfect 10" girl who is very loyal/ good girlfriend material is kinda not that probable. I'm not saying that you should lower your standards by any means, I'm just saying that you should not be too picky.

      That said, I have no doubt that there are some absolutly beautiful loyal girls out there... its jsut... the more perquisites you have, the slimmer your chances get.

    • You shoulded vote c then.

  • I think it is easy for both girl and guys to have sex if they want to. You attract people who are like you. If you want a loyal girl then do not act like a pig. Anyways check this website out : It talks about how American guys should looks for foreign loyal girlfriends/wives because most American girls are not worth it.

    • I'm agree about the foreign girls part.

What Guys Said 3

  • Sure they are just very very hard to find. Most of the good ole USA girls are hardly worth the trouble though. I travel abroad to find girls with sensibility and morals. Girls in the USA live in a society that glorifies sex to the extreme and crucifies virginity. Which is the reason why the USA has a HUGE STD, young pregnancy, single pregnancy, divorce, abortion, and adoption rate. That is only rivaled by African countries... In fact where I live(south Florida) it is the HIGHEST rate in the country. I can tell you why too. All you have to do to get sex is go to a party, text a girl, wait to be texted by a girl, or my personal favorite get a phone call from a girl telling you she is horny.

    Girls in the USA=failed at becoming more intelligent. Now Japanese, European(except France), Russian, Indian, Australian, and a few select countries in the USA have beautiful girls with strong family morals.

    • USA has a lot of STI and teen pregnancy because they are constantly trying to push abstinence only programs, and don't teach their kids how to protect themselves if they can't hold out.

    • Japan is actually having a lot of girls in schools performing compensation dating. So the morals/intelligence is dropping there too.

  • 50% of girls will cheat on you, you need to look for the 50% that won't.

    • 80/20 rule sounds more resonable than 50/50, but still 1 out of 5 sounds more than what it looks like, the good gilrs are probably less than 20%.

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    • Girls don't cheat "way more" than guys. It actually has been studied--the percentage of men and women who cheat is nearly equal.

    • I can explain the statistic

      50% cheat,

      of that 50%, 95% cheat out of insecurity and 5% cheat out of lust.

  • exactly, even if a dude was super good-looking, had the perfect body, the body of a Marine, Firefighter or Football Linebacker, he still has to have good social skills or a decent personality in order to have a chance with getting laid.