What does this mean?

My guy friend, L, told me that his friend, J, thinks I'm really beautiful. L said J kept saying how beautiful I was when he was talking to a group of guys. L said he didn't say any word but beautiful, not like J thought I was hot or cute but beautiful. I never expected to get a compliment like that because although I think I'm fair looking I never think of myself as beautiful. Much less getting a compliment from a guy like J who I hardly talk to and is pretty popular. L told me not to tell anyone and didn't try to press me for how I feel about J.

Does this mean anything or was J just complimenting me?


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  • I think that he was saying that as a compliment to you so that you knew that he thinks your pretty so that way maybe you would then make a comment about him too. I think he was hinting at that he likes you and wants to see if your relationship will go anywhere.