So I asked the makeup question,since every guy said 'natural' is the best. Answer me this.

what about hair,legs,eye brows,armpits,etc. since your so into the barely any makeup, why don't you say don't shave your legs, or wax your crotch or shave your armpits? or pluck your eyebrows into a nice shape. some of you guys even say shave your arms! how unnatural are those things. Since your so into natural why not ask girls to let their bodies go to their full potential? heck why straighten or make hair smooth?

i understand what to much makeup is,sounds like they don't want makeup at all.I wear makeup as an enhancer.but I don't wear any when I'm alone to my boyfriend cause I like him to be the one who see's my comfortable makeup isn't a crutch. :)


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  • guys don't understand. they want a girl to be natural, but naturally perfect looking either. those are the ones who want her to wear no makeup, but also have no blemishes, facial imperfections, perfect hair without going to the salon, great body without not eating just salads on dates, be laid back with your appearance but look great on their arm

    whatever...thats why I just quit asking guys lol they don't know. as long as you know you look good that's all that matters. guys can complain if they want but I guarantee they wouldn't kick megan fox out of bed and she wears makeup too so w/e

    • Hahahahaha id knuckle bump your sh*t that was an awesome way to put things.

      your right though. Thanks for your thoughts :)

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  • because natural hairiness it not hot at all...make up can help girls if they don't overdo it but if your legs look mine and you have a unibrow...well gl with that cus I'm not touchin you no matter how much make up you wear. also don't expect oral if you're rockin a full bush

    • Hahahaha this made me laugh.

      just what I thought :)

      its ok havin a bush isn't comfortable anyways. Lmfao.

    • Moderation is the key and you have that..i do like to see girls without makeup sometimes because I like to see how they would look naturally if we were just hangin around havin a lazy day but using a bit here and there to accentuate yourself there's nothing wrong with that :)

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