Do guys prefer vamps or rather natural looking girls?

yesterday i saw a movie called "The women" and basically it is about a woman whose man cheats on her with a sexy vamp
the woman is rather the "nice girl type" so very natural looking and then she "vamps up" and her husband comes back
so now i am interested if guys prefer vamps over natural girls or is this maybe an age thing? (like younger guys like rather girlish looking girls while older men prefer "real" women)

To give you an impression what i mean: in the movie eva mendez plays the vamp (red nails, always dolled up, sexy, diva, sexually agressive so to say)
do guys prefer vamps or rather natural looking girls?

vs the more natural, innocent, girlish victorias secret look

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  • Um... In general pop culture terms a "vamp" girl is a girl from a certain subset of goth culture. Vamp short for "vampire". Think pale skin and fangs. Often but not walways an association with being fairly predatory... Never heard 'vamp' used to mean divas.

    Honestly though, i think guys who value themselves over any actual relationship or who are simply bored like divas.

    • hhahaha It has nothing to do with vampires. xD

      : to give (something) a new appearance by adding a patch or piece.
      : a seductive woman who uses her sensuality to exploit men.

    • Well from digging around the term in a sexually proactive female context is short for vampire, which apparently was used as a slang term for a feme-fatal. :p

      Its also part of a shoe.

      And to "give something a new appearance" would be to "re-vamp" or "vamp-up".

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  • Victoria's Secret girls aren't naturally looking. They have more make-up than the sexy vamp girls do.

  • I don't know what vamp means. Great job in your Miranda Kerr picture selection! Lol

  • I was never a big fan of vamp look.

  • personally I like the Vamp look


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  • My man likes vamps

  • natural i think.

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