Why won't guys ask me out?

I personally think I'm pretty cute. I'm confident, I'm pretty lady-like (I have good manners, good style IMO, wear make-up, etc), I smile a lot and have a good attitude. I'm smart, also. I don't have any fear of talking to guys and actually get along with them really well. I'm in shape and I eat healthily. I think one problem might be my A cups but I make up for it with a pretty nice butt ;) haha

But I don't get it. I never get asked out. Guys talk to me all the time and go out of their way to talk to me, but I never get asked out. What am I doing wrong?

Here's a picture of me to give you an idea of what I look like. Everything's natural, hair, eyelashes, and no photoshop was used.



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  • Well you kind of give off the druggy kind of vibe. No offense! It's just with the leather jacket and the makeup I see you and all that comes to mind is "smokes pot and shoots heroin". That's not really the kind of girl guys are looking to date. FWB sure.

    Really the best thing is to get rid of that jacket. The only people who can pull off that look are guys who stomp someones ass for looking the wrong way and the girls who date them. At least that's the way it is where I live. Sure the jacket gives off the bad girl kind of mentality, but it just has that side effect of drug use. Also something about your eyes... I sense a hard and harsh life in those eyes. The smile also shows signs of sadness. I think if I saw you I would want to talk to you just to find out why you have such a sad look about you. Almost like you were raped before.

    • I don't wear that jacket all the time. haha I wear it when the outfit calls for it. I have cardigans, a silk jacket in a soft pink, and other things like that. I wear heels a lot too if that sort of kicks the bad ass vibe my leather jacket gives off. I'm generally a really nice person. :)

      The eye thing caught me by surprise because it's true. I haven't been raped but I have had some terrible, terrible things happen to me.

    • Also I live in Cali so we dress a little differently here.

      And I'm not a druggy either :)

    • Yes well I've always been pretty good at reading people.(I... sometimes use it to get unfair advantages). Without the jacket and maybe with some more positive about you, you could be absolutely stunning!

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  • Well id probably be really intimidated and not be able to ask you out because of that.

    Honestly if I saw you I wouldn't even approach because you look intimidating to me. And that's with you smiling

    Maybe try asking guys out instead of waiting for them? If guys are approaching you you must not be giving them good vibes for whatever reason

    • Intimidating how?

    • Well just by the way you dress and your eyes. you probably don't smile ALL the time everywhere you go, so if I saw you id probably just assume you arnt interested and not approach. If I was to talk to you and get along with you, I might not ask you out because Id think your already taken, just being freindly and not interested, or not looking for a relationship.

      Tough to really say why I'm intimidated though...I think its just the eyes and dress, but maybe its just because your good looking

  • you are pretty for sure..maybe they don't get the vibe that you're looking to be something more than friends? although I'd still think at least someone would ask you out anyways...maybe you're just so pretty you've become intimidating? lol

  • Ever thought of asking a guy out?

    Most shy guys will never ask a girl out.


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