Girls: Tips on how to do my makeup like Megan Fox's here?


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  • A basic, matt foundation that fits your skin tone as closely as possible is essential for this look. I often find that with foundation - it's worth paying.

    The key for this look is even coverage with not too much - just enough for a flawless effect - but not enough to make it look like you're wearing foundation.

    To the cheeks add (depending on you complexion) a slightly pink, shimmering blush. For this look, it should go on the apples of the cheek - and not in a straight line on the bone like it's often applied. Also a little of a more neutral shimmer to the forehead.

    The key point of this look is the eye. It's kept clean with basic black eye line, applied lightly at the inner eye, and more heavily (but not too thickly) at the edges creating the look of a fuller lash. You could also use a grey liner with this too for a bit more depth - but it's not essential.

    For the lashes, black mascara. Applied in a zig-zag fashion for a fuller look - and lightly to the bottom lashes.

    The lip is simple. In a slightly paler (only a tiny bit) than your natural tone. Maybe a light layer of clear gloss on top of this, but not too much. The key is that the focus is on the eye.


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  • just me but I say Megan Fox is gorgeous till I heard about her hand thing and looked it up and saw it now she's a turn off


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  • Megan fox makes her make up look natural and make up ideal to use to er look is foundation suiting your

    Skin complextion with blushes that adds little blush to ur cheeks. The best mascara to use is leorel telescopical mascara

    And long stay eye liner. For the everyday look apply a nice light pinkish lip gloss andd there you goo