Girls, what do you think of guys wearing spandex bodysuits?

i am a guy who loves to wear spandex bodysuits there's nothing sexual about it i just love they why they look and feel
i see loads of wemon wearing them these days, do you think this trend is ok for men too?


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  • Its totally fine for you to wear it. Dont mind the ignorant bitch who commented earlier. If you feel great in it then wear it!

    • thank you i love lycra catsuits but i have never been brave enough to wear one in public
      have you ever worn one?

  • Well, it's super weird and I would avoid you at all costs, but it's a free country!

    • ok , dont you think it would be the lest bit cool?

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    • would you wear a lycra catsuit?

    • insult me then ask me questions? you are a strange person...