Which name do you like best? & Feel free to ad suggestions! ^_^ .. Any creative ideas out there?

So I posted a question earlier regarding naming ideas for a horse I have.
His common name/name we actually call him is Tango but he needs a new registered/show name which he will be addressed as on paperwork. He can not be called "Tango" for the registry as there is already a horse with that name.

Here are some ideas we came up with thus far;

Moon Struck One
Tzigane Tango (Tzigane {(t) sē-ˈgän} can be used as synonym for 'gypsy', so it translates to "Gypsy Tango")
Beltane Tango or Beltane Dancer (Beltane is in reference to the Celtic/Pagan 'fires of Bel' festival for the coming of summer)

Other ideas are welcome but I thought I would post this and add a poll to see out of these ideas which one people liked most.

  • Moon Struck One
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  • Tzigane Tango
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  • Beltane Tango
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  • Beltane Dancer
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  • I like Belthane Dancer the best

  • Epona Tango

    Epona is the Roman/Gaelic protector of horses :) and it sounds nice


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